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Architecture Academy

Web Age Solutions has been partnering with Fortune 500 companies, like yours, to provide their architects with the critical skills and knowledge required to successfully guide their organization.

The objectives of such programs are as follows

  • Establish understanding of a homogeneous set of Architecture methods and processes
  • Improve the skills and capabilities of technology professionals
  • Improve awareness and acceptances of IT Industry-proven “best practices”
  • Develop sense of “community” across Technology Professionals
  • Establish foundation for company specific Architecture Certification Program


Suggested Program for Architects:

Getting Started:


Applying Architecture:



Architecture Domain Deep Dive:








Additional Architecture Skills:


Highlights of the Program:

  • Fundamentals of Architectural Thinking – This is for architects of all types (EA, solution architecture, technical architecture, etc.). It covers core architecture concepts: Architecture Principles, Stakeholders, Views & Viewpoints, Quality Attributes, Nonfunctional requirements, Tactics, Patterns, and Techniques.
  • Enterprise Architecture Practitioner’s guide – This course lays the foundation of the core EA concepts, using TOGAF® as the common vocabulary for enterprise architecture. The course focuses on activities of EA: Developing a vision; establishing an architecture baseline; developing a target business architecture, target data architecture, target application architecture, and target technology architecture.
  • Solution Architecture Practitioner’s guide – This course covers the fundamental solution architecture concepts and techniques. It covers stakeholder identification, including identifying the stakeholder viewpoints. It covers the concept of architecturally significant that drives the architecture artifacts, including system process models, system use cases, change cases, and architecture requirements.
  • Management Skills For Architects – The role of the architect involves more than technical expertise. Attention is given to the subject of leadership, project management, communication, and navigating the troublesome political waters that architects find themselves in.

À la carte:

  • Option to build a custom program, take individual classes from the curriculum or develop individual custom courses using content from any of our over 400 in house developed courses.
  • Custom development projects built around your company’s strategy and in-house applications.

Create your own Architecture Academy, working with Web Age Solutions. The students will experience instructor led courses paired with hands on projects that mimic what they will manage in the workplace.


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