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Advanced Skills Academy

Focused – Relevant – In Demand Technology Reskilling/Upskilling Transformational Training Programs

Web Age Solutions offers comprehensive programs to bring new hires up to speed or to upskill existing employees with more current and relevant technology skills.

Web Age Solutions Academy Training Programs

Our Transformational Training is designed to reskill employees in the exact knowledge and skills your organization needs. We have vast experience in reskilling employees from one job role to another. Examples include moving IT professionals to a new technology (i.e. Sr. Mainframe programmer to Web Developer), creating new skills where in house subject matter expertise lacks ( Data Analytics/Big Data) as well as transitioning end users from non-IT positions into entry level careers in IT (e.g. accountants and underwriters to Jr. Mainframe Programmers). Web Age Solutions has Reskilled thousands of high-performance professionals in a wide variety of skills through our unique Transformational Training methods. We utilize a blended-training approach including traditional instructor-led training, simulated real world projects, distance learning, virtual classes and self-study programs.

Some Program Examples

  • Java Developer/Design and Development
  • Java EE Application Development with AngularJS
  • Mobile Web Development
  • Architecture

Scheduling that works for you!!

  • Full day sessions
  • 1/2 day sessions morning or afternoons
  • 1/2 day sessions every other day or 3 or 4 days a week


Java EE Web Application Developer

This program can develop your employees from novices into capable and productive Web Application Developers…



Java EE Application Development with AngularJS

This Java EE Application Development program incorporates the very popular AngularJS Framework.



Mobile Web Development

Learn current Mobile web development trends such as Angular, RWD, HTML5 and jQuery.




Build internal Mainframe expertise with this comprehensive program.



Architecture Academy

A well-used development path for the architects in a large organization.


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US Inquiries / 1.877.517.6540
Canadian Inquiries / 1.877.812.8887