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Top 5 Tips for Learning AWS Against a Deadline

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4. Get some hands on experience.

Open an AWS account. You can use quite a lot of resources for free for 12 months. For example you get 750 hours of a small compute instance for free!

Use the free training resources available from AWS.  There are quite a few resources available for free on https://aws.training – everything from 10 minute intro videos to complete free courses.


5. Once you have a broad idea of what AWS is, you should consider classroom or live online AWS training.


AWS Training Partner


Web Age Solutions is an approved AWS Training Partner, meaning we have access to the complete AWS official curriculum and classes, and you have access to these AWS Training classes with the high level of customer service that you expect from Web Age Solutions.


Start with a AWS Technical Essentials course and build your skills for the role that is best suited to your needs and skills!

The Architecting on AWS Training with Web Age Solutions can be an invaluable resource for gaining knowledge.

To get the most out of a training session make sure you already understand the basics. This will help you better grasp the concepts discussed in the training. There will be a lot of content covered in the three days and the easier it is for you to follow the more valuable it will be.

Selected Upcoming Official AWS Training Courses

Technical EssentialsSeptember 29 -
Guaranteed to Run!
Live Virtual $650AWS Technical Essentials Training
Architecting on AWSOctober 13 - 15 -
Guaranteed to Run!
Live Virtual$2275Architecting on AWS Training
System Operations on AWSOctober 5 - 7Live Virtual$1995System Operations on AWS Training


Also, having some previous hands-on experience and a basic level of knowledge will help you ask the right questions. The trainers have a great depth of knowledge and can expand on the basics quite a lot, but you need to ask the right questions.

Following these recommendations should help you achieve your goal in a much more efficient manner.


See our complete list of AWS Certification Training courses below!


View Our Complete List Of AWS Training Courses

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