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SOA Eduction

Some businesses are exploring the service-oriented waters for the first time; others are embarking upon their first service-based pilot program, while others are up and running with a service-oriented enterprise. Regardless of where your business is within this spectrum, Web Age has an education track to fit your SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) needs.

If you are interested in following one or more of these education tracks, or if you would like to discuss the development of a custom SOA curriculum for your enterprise, please contact a Web Age Account Executive.


Discovering SOA...

Web Age's SOA Discovery Track aims to assist companies in evaluating Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and the implications of adopting SOA within their enterprise. The curriculum in this track answers key questions that arise when evaluating SOA, including:

  • What is SOA?
  • What business value does it provide?
  • How can you identify and measure SOA ROI?
  • When is the right time to adopt a SOA strategy?
  • How would an enterprise go about becoming service-oriented?

SOA for Executives
Intro to SOA SOA for Managers SOA Governance
SOAD Training

Strategizing SOA...

The SOA Strategy Track supports organizations that have decided to move ahead with one or more service oriented initiatives and are looking for strategic SOA guidance. The curriculum in this track answers key questions that arise when crafting a SOA strategy, including:

  • How do you govern a service-oriented enterprise?
  • What is business process modeling (BPM) and how do we take advantage of it?
  • What tools and technologies should we use to implement SOA?
  • Should we take a progressive, iterative approach, or a wholesale move to SOA?

Mastering SOAD
SOA for Architects Business Process Modeling
SOA Governance  

Applying SOA...

The SOA Application Track equips technical teams with the skills and tool-specific experience necessary to build reusable services and agile business processes in support of a SOA. The curriculum in this track answers key questions that arise when applying SOA, including:

  • How do you build a service or process?
  • How do you expose existing enterprise assets as services and orchestrated processes?
  • How do you manage and configure services and processes?
  • How do you deploy and test services and processes?

ESB Training
SOA Developers Bootcamp
SOA Testing  

Optimizing SOA...

Web Age's SOA Optimization Track provides companies with valuable SOA insights, best practices, design patterns, and anti-patterns. The curriculum in this track answers key questions that arise when optimizing SOA, including:

  • How can I refactor my SOA?
  • What are the SOA best practices, patterns, and anti-patterns?
  • How do I get the most business value out of my SOA?

SOA Best Practices
Mastering SOAD SOA Best Practices for Technology