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These articles have been contributed by various Web Age Solutions engineers. If you have an idea for an article or a specific topic that you want us to cover, please send an e-mail to

WASKB034 - Using Eclipse XML Tools for WebSphere Community Edition 2.0

Learn how to use the XML tools built into the Eclipse Web Tools Platform. You will be using an XML tool called the XML Catalog to add the definitions for the WAS-CE related XML schemas. After doing this you can easily create XML files for WAS-CE, even using some of the visual XML editor capabilities to simplify the process.

WASKB033 - Getting Started with WebSphere Community Edition 2.0 and Eclipse

Learn how to get started with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS-CE) v2.0 and Eclipse Web Tools Platform.

WASKB032 - EJB 3 Development Using RAD 7.5

Learn how to develop a simple stateless session EJB and a client using the EJB 3 programming model.

WASKB031 - Dojo 1.0 Tutorials

Learn how to develop rich web applications using the Dojo 1.0 widgets.

WASKB030 - Understanding Class Sharing in IBM JDK 5

IBM JDK 5 allows multiple JVM processes to share the class bytecode. This improves performance since byte code needs to be loaded only once. This article shows how to use this feature.

WASKB029 - Tutorial Working With Databases in RAD7 and WebSphere 6.1

Learn how to use the database tools built into RAD7 to administer and query database. Also learn how to define data sources for Websphere 6.1 using RAD7 without using the administrative tools of the server.

WASKB028 - Tutorial Developing a JSF Application in RAD 7

Learn how to rapidly develop a JSF application using Rational Application Developer (RAD) v7.

WASKB027 - Improvements in Rational Application Developer 7.0 - A review

Learn about some of the improvements made in RAD7 that you can get excited about.

WASKB026 - Logging and Tracing from a Websphere Based J2EE Application

This article shows you how to use the Java logging API. Using this article, you can add support for roboust logging and tracing to your application.

WASKB025 - Unit Testing SOA Components in WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) v6

In this tutorial, we apply SOA testing best practices and learn how to unit test various building blocks on a SOA based application.

WASKB024 - Using Data and Interface Maps in a Business Process

In this tutorial you will learn how to follow the Canonical Data Model pattern and use interface and data maps to access an external service that follows a partner specific proprietary interface.

WASKB023 - Invoking a BPEL Business Process from a Web Application

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start a new instance of a process from a web based application.

WASKB022 - Invoking a Web Service from a Business Process

This advanced lab shows how to properly follow the Service Oriented Analysis and Design (SOAD) to build a process, identify services, specify services and implement them as Web Services.

WASKB021 - Working With Complex Data Types from a Process in WebSphere Integration Developer 6

In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with complex input and output data types from a BPEL process.

WASKB020 - Working With Simple Data Types from a Process in WebSphere Integration Developer 6

In this tutorial you will learn how to work with simple input and output data for a business process and create process variables.

WASKB019 - Developing a Simple Business Process in WebSphere Integration Developer 6

This tutorial shows how to build and execute a simple BPEL business process in WID 6.

WASKB018 - Developing a J2EE Application Client Using Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6

Learn the best practices in building a J2EE client application that has minimal dependency on the EJB modules.

WASKB017 - Basic J2EE Development Using Rational Application Developer v6

Learn how to develop simple EJB, Servlet and JSP using RAD v6.

WASKB016 - Message Driven Bean and JMS Tuning in WebSphere Application Server v6

Find out how to configure the messaging portion of an application server for most optimal performance .

WASKB015 - Caching Static Files From a Web Module At the Web Server

Find out how to cache static files from a Web Module at the web server level.

WASKB014 - WebSphere EJB Client Port Usage

This article explains the TCP/IP ports used by a WebSphere EJB client.

WASKB013 - Debugging WebSphere v5 Applications Remotely

Remote debugging allows the debugger tool to run in a separate process or machine from the process being debugged. Remote debugging can help you track down those complex problems that appear in a full production or staging server platforms only.

WASKB012 - Understanding the class loading policies of WebSphere Application Server v5

WebSphere uses a powerful J2EE compliant mechanism to load Java classes. This presentation describes the mechanism in an easy to understand format.

WASKB011 - Web Services Development in WebSphere Application Server v5

This presentation will give you a introduction to the Web Services development for WebSphere v5. Find out the various options available for quickly developing a service using WSAD.

WASKB010 - Performance Tuning WebSphere Studio Application Developer

Here is a compilation of all the tuning knobs we have found useful to improve the performance of WSAD.

WASKB009 - Documenting code in WebSphere Studio Application Developer

Javadoc is a tool shipped with JDK that generates HTML documentation from the comments in the class source files. Insufficient documentation has been a consistent problem in the software industry. With the aid of Javadoc you can simplify documentation of your code and make it a regular habit.

WASKB008 - Developing and Testing Dynamic Servlet Caching in WebSphere Studio Application Developer

WebSphere v5 makes it easier than ever before to add dynamic caching support to your web based applications. This article shows how to configure WSAD and WebSphere to enable dynamic caching.

WASKB007 - Reporting System Errors from a WebSphere Application

System error pages are important customer service tools. Read this article to find out how to develop error pages that convey useful information and have a high probability of functioning when drastic errors are taking place elsewhere in the system.

WASKB006 - Building DB2 Stored Procedures Using WSAD v5

Maximize your application performance by migrating your JDBC code inside a Java stored procedure. This article shows you how to develop and unit test Java stored procedures from WSAD.

WASKB005 - Debugging Browser to Web Server Communication

Read this article to find out a great debugging tool, the TCP/IP Monitor, that is built into WSAD.

WASKB004 - Using Log4J from a WebSphere Based Application

Find out how to effectively use Log4J from a WebSphere based application.

WASKB003 - Building Struts Based Applications in WSAD V5

New Struts tooling in WSAD can significantly speed up web development. Learn how to use these tools.

WASKB002 - Using Resource Referencing in WSAD5

Find out how to use the java:com/env name space to use an alias for a DataSource or EJB from a web application.

WASKB001 - Configuring a DataSource for Oracle in WSAD5

Learn how to add a DataSource for Oracle 9i from WSAD5.