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WA1314 Mastering Portal Programming v5.1 on RAD 6

WebSphere Portal server is a way to host many web based applications in a central location. Users need to login only once and use all applications in a consistent manner. Customers and business partners can access the portal site and make use of all applications running in the portal. This class is meant for programmers with Java knowledge. They will learn basic Servlet and JSP. They will proceed to learn about Portal v5.1 programming using Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6.

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IBM Equivalent: PW581

WA1523 WebSphere 6 Security Administration and Programming

This course delves deep into the security administration of WebSphere Application Server v6. It also teaches the security programming model of J2EE. Creating secure applications and web sites requires close cooperation between the developers and the administrators. Keeping that in mind, this course is targeted towards the developer and the administrator community.

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WA1569 Struts 1.2 Bootcamp using RAD v6.0

This course introduces the students to Jakarta Struts 1.2. During the course, students will learn to design and develop Struts based applications. Many real life hands on exercises are used to teach various concepts of Struts. Towards the end of the course, the students get to apply their Struts knowledge to build a mini e-commerce application.

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WA1552 Developing J2EE Applications Using Spring Framework and RAD6

This course provides students with the knowledge needed to use the Spring Framework and Rational Application Developer V6 (RAD6) to develop flexible, testable and maintainable J2EE enterprise applications.

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WA1521 RAD Technical Overview

This technical overview is intended for managers, project leaders and developers who are interested in using RAD to build their applications. IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD) is the new generation of Java application development environments built on the Eclipse open platform ( RAD has many new features that the traditional IDEs do not provide and implementing this development can be overwhelming without the proper knowledge base.

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WA1510 Introduction to Struts 1.2 using RAD

This course introduces the students to Jakarta Struts 1.2. During the course, students will learn to design and develop Struts based applications. Many real life hands on exercises are used to teach various concepts of Struts.

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WA1504 Advanced Java using Rational Application Developer RAD v6.0

This course teaches development of advanced Java applications using Rational Application Developer RAD v6.0.

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WA1478 Developing J2EE Applications using Hibernate and RAD

This training course provides students with the knowledge needed to use the Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework to implement the persistence layer of J2EE applications

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WA1400 Introduction to Java using Rational Application Developer V6.0

This course introduces the Java programming language and how to develop Java applications using RAD V6.0. Students learn the syntax of the Java programming language, object-oriented programming using Java, exception handling, file input/output (I/O), along with servlets and JavaServer Pages. During the course, students will develop and test Java applications using RAD V6.0.

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IBM Equivalent: JA351

WA1390 Web Services Development Using RAD V6

If you are a J2EE developer, you can gain complete mastery over Web Services development in the IBM WebSphere platform after taking this course. This course will teach you the theory behind XML schema, WSDL and SOAP. It will proceeed to teach you various Java specifications that cover Web Services development (JSR 101 and 109).

All the labs are done using RAD V6

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WA1355 Introduction to JSF Using RAD

This training course introduces the developer to the JSF architecture and provides the basis for planning, developing, and deploying Web based applications using the JSF framework. After taking this class, the developer will be able to quickly construct dynamic server-side web pages using JSF.

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IBM Equivalent: WF561

WA1353 RAD Essentials for WebSphere

This training course will teach the students how to use the RAD tool to design and implement an application. There are many labs that will give the students hands on experience. Integration of RAD with other tools is also discussed.

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WA1344 New Features of RAD 6 for WSAD v5 Developers

This course is for experienced WebSphere v5 developers who are planning to move to Rational Application Developer (RAD 6). The course is designed to give information on numerous new features available from RAD 6. After taking the class, students will be able to fully take advantage of WebSphere Application Server v6 and RAD v6.

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WA1321 Servlets & JSP Development with Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6

Students will learn to develop and test server-side applications based on the Java 2 platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) component model using the IBM software platform of products and tools. Develop and test server-side applications that use servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSPs) for the control and flow of e-business applications.

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WA1319 EJB Programming with Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6.0

This course is an advanced introduction to the Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) technology. It starts by introducing the concepts and ideal for someone who has never programmed using EJB. The course rapidly picks up and ends with advanced concepts that students can use in real life to complete large-scale EJB based projects. The development and labs will be based on IBM Rational Application Developer v6, emphasizing the new features of the EJB 2.1 specification.

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WA1283 J2EE Programming Using Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6

This 5 day training course teaches students how to develop Servlet, JSP and EJB for the WebSphere Application Server v6 platform. About 50% of the time is spent on hands on labs that use the Rational Developer Studio (RAD) v6 development tool.

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WA1320 Introduction to Struts 1.1 using Rational Application Developer (RAD) v6.0

This course introduces the students to Jakarta Struts 1.1. During the course, students will learn to design and develop Struts based applications. Students learn how to incorporate JSPs, servlets, EJBs and JavaBeans into their design. Corresponding to every chapter, there is a lab reinforcing the concept.

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