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WA1269 CICS/TS Structure and Problem Analysis

This course covers the internal structure of CICS/TS and basic debugging skills. Course to cover CICS/ESA V4.1 is still available on request. Hands on labs are used in learning how to use CICS transaction dumps, system dumps with IPCS and traces in problem determination tasks.

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WA1268 CICS Transaction Server - What is the impact on my legacy applications?

A technical overview of the changes introduced by CICS/TS V1.3 to V2.3 as compared to CICS/ESA V4.1. It concentrates on new functions and how these can be used to enhance and modernize the existing CICS V4.1 applications. The topics introduce Business Transaction Services, use of SYSPLEX facilities, Java support and various ways of connecting CICS applications with WEB users.

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WA1266 CICS/TS Application Programming

Learn the fundamentals of designing and developing business applications using the CICS/TS API. This course is a thorough instructor lead lecture with application programming lab exercises designed to understand the basic CICS/TS facilities, to learn the EXEC CICS call structure and to perform basic problem determination.

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WA1265 An Introduction to CICS/TS

This course provides a technical overview of the functions and features available in CICS/TS V2.2. It outlines CICS facilities, programming interfaces (EXEC CICCS calls) and the role of the CICS Transaction Server in the complex business environment.

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WA1264 CICS/TS System Administration

Learn how to setup, customize and operate CICS/TS. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, you learn to handle the general CICS/TS system administration tasks in MVS environment (z/OS). Course topics include CICS Region setup, resource definitions, basic problem determination, CICS Intercommunications facilities (MRO, ISC,.) and many others.

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WA1932 CICS COBOL Programming

The course begins with a review of CICS Command Level Programming. The structure and flow of several working CICS Programs is discussed in detail.
Basic Mapping Support (BMS) screens also reviewed in detail. A working CICS Applications is modified to add several NEW features.  These new features include the use of PF Keys, changing screen field attributes, help facility for a screen and individual fields on the screen, application paging and error handling.
Build a “large” application where several CICS programs and user screens interface together.
The course consists of a series of lectures, discussions, class exercises, and with hands-on programming workshop problems.
Build applications using the following additional CICS features such as - Storage Control, Paging Transactions, Online Printing, CICS System Information, EIB, system storage, DFHCOMMAREA, Changing field attributes, debugging tool such as InterTest or Xpediter

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