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Home > Training > DB2 > DB2 UDB: Performance & Tuning in Linux/UNIX/Windows Environments Training

DB2 UDB: Performance & Tuning in Linux/UNIX/Windows Environments Training

Course#: WA2281

This course is designed to teach how to develop, implement and maintain DB2 applications using advanced functions and features, with a view to optimising their performance. The course combines formal classroom tuition with realistic, practical exercises.


On successful completion of this course attendees will be able to:

  • develop DB2 applications with optimised performance attributes
  • maintain and tune applications for optimised performance.
  • describe effective techniques for advanced database management


Systems Administrators, Database Administrators and technical personnel who are involved in designing, planning, implementing and/or maintaining DB2 UDB Databases, up to version 9.7. within a Linux, UNIX, or Windows environment.


A sound practical understanding of DB2 UDB.


3 days

Outline of WA2281 DB2 UDB: Performance & Tuning in Linux/UNIX/Windows Environments Training

1. DB2 UDB Review

  • Introduction
  • The DB2 Family.

2. Advanced Database Management

  • Advanced database management ( up to DB2 9.7)
  • Tuning The Database
  • Database Configuration File
  • Partitioned Database
  • Advanced Tablespace Management
  • Advanced Table Management
  • Table Partitioning Feature.

3. MQT

  • Generating DDL
  • Set Integrity
  • Deep Compression.

4. DB2 System Catalog

  • Attributes, including changes up to version 9.7
  • Consolidation of DDL with regard to efficiency and Version 9.
  • Practical Exercise 1.

5. Locking Strategy

  • What resources can be locked
  • How To Set The Locking
  • Locking Configuration Parameters
  • Locking Terms
  • Duration of a lock
  • Commit/Rollback
  • Logging
  • How to find out what Locks are held
  • Savepoints.
  • Practical Exercise 2.

6. Indexing

  • Physical data management
  • Page
  • Indexes
  • Type 1/ 2 Indexes
  • Design Advisor
  • Utilities
  • Runstats
  • Reorg
  • Autonomic Utilities
  • Reorgchk
  • Access Strategy
  • Single Table Access Paths
  • Multi table access path.


  • Introduction
  • Explain Tables
  • Executing from the CLP
  • Executing from the Command Centre
  • Visual Explain

8. Clustering

  • Multidimensional Clustering
  • Range Clustered Tables
  • The Organize by Key Sequence Clause
  • Statistical View.

9. Triggers

  • Stored Procedures
  • Development center
  • Types of stored procedure
  • An external procedure
  • The catalog
  • SPL
  • Stored procedure builder
  • User Defined Functions.

10. Security

  • Security levels
  • Security administrator authority level
  • Label based access contro
  • Security label component
  • Security structure examples.

11. Utilities

  • LOAD
  • Introduction to Automatic Computing
  • Configuration Parameters
  • Collecting Catalog Statistics
  • Health Center
  • Remote Administration
  • DB2 Administration Server.

12. Logs

  • Logs, Snapshot ,Event Monitor, Db2pd And Trace
  • Types of Logging
  • Configuring Database
  • Logging Information
  • Manual Reading of the Log
  • Snapshot & Event Monitor
  • DB2PD
We regularly offer classes in these and other cities. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Calgary, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Montreal, New York City, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC.
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