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Home > Training > DB2 > DB2 for z/OS: Monitoring & Tuning for Systems' Performance Training

DB2 for z/OS: Monitoring & Tuning for Systems' Performance Training

Course#: WA2276

This course examines and explains the critical factors that affect DB2 for z/OS performance from a systems perspective. The effective use of monitoring and tuning tools is an integral part of all tuning topics throughout the course. This course is appropriate for DB2 for z/OS environments up to and including DB2 10 for z/OS.


On successful completion of this course attendees will be able to:

  • identify the DB2 and MVS factors that affect performance
  • plan for DB2 subsystem monitoring and tuning
  • detect poor performance using various techniques
  • identify tuning opportunities
  • carry out effective problem detection through the use of an established performance and monitoring policy
  • Implement and interpret DB2 related trace outputs covering I/O tuning, buffer pool tuning, EDM pool tuning, IRLM tuning, thread tuning.


All those responsible for DB2 systems' performance.


A sound understanding of DB2 and z/OS concepts is required.


2 days

Outline of WA2276 DB2 for z/OS: Monitoring & Tuning for Systems' Performance Training

1. Performance Overview

  • What is 'performance'?
  • Performance objectives
  • Workload categories
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Performance factors
  • System parameters
  • EDM pool size
  • Buffer pool sizes
  • Bufferpool thresholds
  • Database design factors
  • Application design factors
  • DB2 traces.

2. DB2 Traces

  • Activating traces
  • Trace types
  • Trace destination
  • Trace classes
  • IFCID types
  • Other trace options
  • Controlling traces.

3. Performance Monitoring

  • Monitoring & tuning overview
  • DB2 Performance Monitor (DB2PM)
  • DB2 Performance Monitor reports
  • Accounting reports
  • Statistics reports
  • Monitoring response times
  • Suspensions.

4. DB2 System Parameters

  • DB2 system parameters
  • Modifying system parameters
  • DB2PM System Parameters report
  • Online parameter management
  • Online change parameter behaviour.

5. Tuning Buffer Pools

  • Buffer pools
  • 64-bit architecture
  • Buffer pool size
  • Buffer pool pages
  • Buffer page processing
  • I/O types
  • Buffer pool thresholds
  • Buffer page stealing
  • Buffer pool parameters
  • Buffer pool hit ratio
  • Buffer pool writes
  • Buffer pool I/O
  • Buffer pool tuning.

6. Tuning the EDM Pool

  • The EDM pool
  • EDM pool storage
  • Modifying EDM pool size
  • Dynamic SQL caching
  • EDM pool & data spaces
  • EDM pool parameters
  • EDM pool storage usage
  • Monitoring the EDM pool
  • Tuning the EDM pool.

7. Tuning the Sort Pool

  • The sort pool
  • Sort pool storage
  • Sort processing
  • Sort pool size
  • Sort pool estimation
  • Sort pool parameters
  • Monitoring sorts
  • Sort performance
  • Sort tuning.

8. Tuning the RID Pool

  • Record Identifiers
  • RID pool storage
  • RID pool size
  • RID pool parameters
  • RID processing
  • Monitoring RID pool
  • Tuning the RID pool.

9. Tuning DB2 Logging

  • DB2 logging overview
  • Log writes
  • Log records
  • Logging parameters
  • Controlling the logs
  • Monitoring the logs
  • Tuning the log
  • Adding active log data sets.

10. Tuning Threads

  • Threads
  • Connection types
  • Controlling connections
  • Connection parameters
  • Connection processing
  • Controlling threads
  • Monitoring threads
  • Thread tuning -general
  • Thread tuning.

11. Tuning Locking & Concurrency

  • Locking overview
  • The Internal Resource Lock Manager (IRLM)
  • Reasons for locking - lost updates
  • Reasons for locking
  • Lock control
  • Locking parameters
  • Lock compatibility
  • Bind parameters
  • Lock avoidance
  • Monitoring locking
  • Tuning locking.

12. Tuning Data-Sharing

  • DB2 Data-sharing
  • Coupling Facility structures
  • Lock table entries
  • Lock Propagation
  • Installing data-sharing
  • Data-sharing parameters
  • Group Buffer Pool parameters
  • DISPLAY GROUP command
  • Monitoring Group Buffer Pool activity
  • Monitoring data-sharing locking
  • Tuning data-sharing.
We regularly offer classes in these and other cities. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Calgary, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Montreal, New York City, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC.
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