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Home > Training > CICS/TS - CICS Transaction Server for z/OS > CICS COBOL Programming Training

CICS COBOL Programming Training

Course#: WA1932

The course begins with a review of CICS Command Level Programming. The structure and flow of several working CICS Programs is discussed in detail.
Basic Mapping Support (BMS) screens also reviewed in detail. A working CICS Applications is modified to add several NEW features.  These new features include the use of PF Keys, changing screen field attributes, help facility for a screen and individual fields on the screen, application paging and error handling.
Build a “large” application where several CICS programs and user screens interface together.
The course consists of a series of lectures, discussions, class exercises, and with hands-on programming workshop problems.
Build applications using the following additional CICS features such as - Storage Control, Paging Transactions, Online Printing, CICS System Information, EIB, system storage, DFHCOMMAREA, Changing field attributes, debugging tool such as InterTest or Xpediter


As a result of the class, the attendee will be able to -

  • Review working CICS programs
    • Refine / add use screens using Basic Mapping Support (BMS)
    • Access data in a CICS program from a read/browse a VSAM file, a DB2 table, a TD queue, a TS queue
    • Add additional features to CICS programs (help, PF Keys, change field attributes)
    • Compile, debug, and execute CICS programs
  • Debug the application program using aq debug tool – CEDF, InterTest, Xpediter
  • Program CICS Paging applications
  • Program CICS online printing applications
  • Build additional features in a CICS program – retrieving CICS Storage Control and System Information / EIB, pass data via TS Queues / DFHCOMMAREA with copy books, screen / field sensitive help, Channels with their Containers
  • Describe the design for a Web Enable front-end to access a CICS back-end program


Six months of experience with CICS Command Level Programming, TSO/ISPF, COBOL programming and JCL is required.


CICS Command Level Programming Workshop is intended for programmers have worked with CICS programs and must develop more involved applications.


5 Days

Outline of WA1932 CICS COBOL Programming Training

1. CICS Programming Review

  • Basic Mapping Support (BMS) Review - BMS macros
  • Using PF Keys is a CICS Command Level program
  • Changing Screen Attributes in a CICS Application program
  • Working with the Communications Area among several programs
  • Passing data in DFHCOMMAREA,  TS Queues, TD Queues
  • Accessing VSAM files – Read/Write, Browsing
  • Review example programs

 2. Review example programs

 3. Debug tools – CEDF, InterTest, Xpediter

  • Workshop 1

 4. CICS Paging

  • Workshop 2
  • Workshop 3

5. Online Printing

  • Workshop 4

6. Accessing System Information – CICS Storage areas and EIB

  • Workshop 5

7. Additional Topics

  • CICS Help Screens & Field-sensitive HELP
  • Passing Data – DFHCOMMAREA, TS Queue, TD Queue, Channels / Containers
  • Web Enable front-end to access a CICS back-end program - Overview
  • Workshop 6

8. Appendices

  • Appendix A - Exception Conditions
  • Appendix B - EIB (Execution Interface Block) Fields
  • Appendix D - Sample Attribute Byte Control Character Table
  • Appendix E - Cobol Functions Not Supported By CICS
  • Appendix F - Class Standards
  • Appendix G - Class Refresher Questions
  • Appendix H - 6 Model BMS Fields
  • Appendix I – Test Tools – CEDF, InterTest, Xpediter
  • Appendix J – Channels & Containersr
We regularly offer classes in these and other cities. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Calgary, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Montreal, New York City, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC.
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