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Home > Training > Visual Studio and Development Fundamentals > ASP.NET Core Development Training

ASP.NET Core Development Training

Course#: TP2673

ASP.NET Core is a completely new web stack developed from the ground up. This 4-day course introduces attendees to this new platform and teaches attendees the skills necessary to design and build well-architected web and service-oriented applications that follow the MVC design pattern. This course includes a total of 15 hands-on lab exercises that lead to working e-commerce style web application.

Each student receives a printed copy of all the material presented by the instructor.

Each student receives a lab manual consisting of a series of hands-on lab exercises that take students through the building of a data-driven 3-tier ASP.NET Core application.

The instructor receives a electronic version of the material suitable for presentation during class and a guide with recommended timing and additional information related to the hands-on lab exercises.



  • Prior .NET experience and basic skills with HTML and JavaScript is assumed.
  • Visual Studio 2017 (any edition) with the ASP.NET Core tools installed
  • LocalDB or another version of SQL Server
  • Postman or a similar application for testing Web APIs
  • Lab file bundle provided with the course



4 days

Outline of TP2673 ASP.NET Core Development Training

  • Introduction
    • Overview
    • .NET Core
    • Tooling
  • Hello World
    • .NET Core (CLI)
    • CLI Commands
    • ASP.NET Core (CLI)
    • AspNetCore NuGet Metapackage
    • WebHost and Kestrel
    • ASP.NET Core (Visual Studio)
  • Application Architecture
    • Middleware
    • Services
  • Application Configuration
    • Startup Class
    • Configure Method
    • Configure Services Method
    • MVC Components
    • Configuration Sources
    • Configuration API
    • Options Pattern
  • Request Routing
    • RESTful API
    • Routing Middleware
    • Route Templates
    • Route Constraints
    • MVC Middleware
    • Attribute-Based Routing
  • Models
    • Introduction
    • Persistence Ignorance
    • Object-Relational Mapping
    • Entity Framework (EF) Core
  • Controllers
    • Introduction
    • Requirements and Conventions
    • Dependencies
    • Action Results
  • Views (Part I)
    • Introduction
    • Conventions
    • Razor Syntax
    • Layouts
    • ViewData and ViewBag
    • Strongly-Typed Views
    • Partial Views
  • Views (Part II)
    • View Models
    • HTML and URL Helpers
    • Tag Helpers
    • View Components
    • Client-Side Dependencies
  • HTML Forms
    • Introduction
    • Form Tag Helper
    • Form Submissions
    • Model Binding
  • Application State
    • Introduction
    • HttpContext.Items
    • Session State
    • TempData
  • Data Validation
    • Introduction
    • Data Annotations
    • Input Tag Helpers
    • Validation Tag Helpers
  • Authentication
    • Introduction
    • ASP.NET Core Identity
    • Cookie Middleware
    • Authorization
    • Claims-Based Authorization
  • Error Handling
    • Introduction
    • HTTP Error Status Codes
    • Status Code Pages
    • Developer Exception Page
    • Exception Filters
  • Logging
    • Introduction
    • Configuration
    • ILogger
  • Testing
    • Introduction
    • Unit Testing
    • xUnit
    • Testing Controllers
    • Integration Testing
  • Web APIs
    • Introduction
    • Retrieval Operations
    • Create Operations
    • Update Operations
    • Delete Operations
    • Bad Requests
    • Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
    • Swagger
  • Conclusion
We regularly offer classes in these and other cities. Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Calgary, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Montreal, New York City, Orlando, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington DC.
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