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Consulting is for companies that want a turn-key approach to achieving a key milestone.  Web Age brings world class methods and practices, deep technical skills, and an ability to plan and manage complex projects.  There are two things that make us different:  our people tend to be excellent at facilitation and bringing your people to consensus on important decisions, and we know how complex technical pieces fit together to create business value.

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    Case Study: Higher Education

    With support from a Charitable Organization, a multinational group of University libraries is developing the design for a new infrastructure, an alternative to the current model of an Integrated Library System. › Read More

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    Case Study: Pension Fund

    A massive U.S. state pension fund oversees the third largest pension plan in the entire world. › Read More

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    Case Study: Insurance

    Insurance Industry Client is using Web Age to define the methodology and best practices required to effectively utilize the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). › Read More

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    Case Study: High tech

    A High Tech Industry client is the leading imaging and printing systems provider in the world for printer hardware, printing supplies and scanning devices. › Read More

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